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Provide the highest level of security
for signing documents in Adobe, Microsoft
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Secure, authenticated signatures with a single click

Document Signing certificates allow individuals, teams and organizations to add an electronic, digital signature to a document in a variety of file formats to prove ownership. The digital signature is an encrypted hash of your message that can only be decrypted by someone who has a copy of your public key, which ensures:

Documents stay

Sender's identity

Sensitive information protected

How digicert document signing works


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The top four reasons to use a DigiCert Document Signing Certificate

Two-factor Authentication

DigiCert Document Signing is more secure than typical e-signatures because it requires the two-factor authentication with both a password and an encrypted USB token.

Legally Binding

Documents signed with DigiCert Document Signing certificates comply with the U.S. Federal ESIGN Act, European Union’s and eIDAS and other assorted international laws, making your documents legally binding.

Trusted Globally

We provide digital certificates for companies such as IBM, HP, Facebook, Sony and Microsoft, and we have the expertise to secure the integrity of your documents.

Never Expires

Digital signatures created by DigiCert Document Signing Certificates can be timestamped and include an audit trail that never expires. This means if the document is changed at any point, the recipient will be notified.

DigiCert Document Signing Certificates bring added trust to your existing signing tools

Works with:

  • Microsoft Office®
  • Adobe® Acrobat & Adobe Reader
  • LibreOffice®
  • Open Office™
  • Other third-party solutions like DocuSign
  • You can also sign a variety of document types including PDFs, ODF, DOCX and XML.

Add signature trust to document signing

DigiCert® Document Signing Manager delivers enterprise-class digital signing, eSeals, and time-stamping, built on the flexibility and power of DigiCert® ONE. Meet organizational policies, global regulatory requirements and business transformation goals for digital signing, all while ensuring business continuity. Increase control over signer access and signature auditability while saving your organization and your customers time and money.

Why choose DigiCert?

Globally recognized Certificate Authority

Access to 24/7/365 award-winning support 

Trusted by 89% of Fortune 500 companies

Verified on Adobe© Approved Trusted List (AATL)

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