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Best Customer Reactions to "the DigiCert Difference"


For the last decade, DigiCert has provided security to enterprises in more than 180 countries and earned our reputation as a leading Certificate Authority. In addition, our customer service has earned DigiCert the only 5-star rating of any Certificate Authority on SSLShopper.

We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service and work hard on what we like to call "the DigiCert difference." This difference doesn't just include our 24/7 support team, it's something we think about in everything we do—whether it's creating helpful tools, designing user interfaces, or informing customers about the latest security threats. And, since taking care of our customers is such a huge part of our business, we like to hear about our customers experiences when what we do makes a difference.

“I have been banging my head for hours over the intricacies of installing an SSL in a test environment for IIS; this tool had it done in 30 seconds. THANK YOU.”
“DigiCert customer service is fantastic. They actually CALLED me personally to let me know they had accepted all my validation documents. A real live human being called me to say 'Yep, all systems GO!' Seriously, in this day and age, that is just NEXT LEVEL customer service. DigiCert FTW!”
“I've dealt with them several times. Every time they were prompt, knowledgeable, helpful. Excellent. Way better than any other digital cert company - heck any company.”
“I know just enough about DNS and certificates to be dangerous. Digicert made me look like a pro to my supervisor. Their support staff are super knowledgeable and friendly. I can't imagine picking any other company should I need additional certs. They just do it right.”
“Greatest support ever!!! I can't believe how fast my certs can get issued. New cert in less than an hour every time!!! I love how they support ECC certs and how I can get it automatically by just submitting an ECC CSR. No need to call and ask for it. The system just works like you'd expect.”
“'s as if timezone differences never existed. The words I have read on the website about award-winning customer service are not marketing blah, yet they're not precise enough: I had a mind boggling customer support experience today and it is refreshing in today's world. Thanks!”

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