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The security toolkit built for developers

Empower your IoT-embedded development and accelerate your product’s time-to-market with a toolkit of expert-backed, security-focused libraries.

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The difference between developing for each device and developing for every device

Empower your smart innovations with secure IoT application development—at a global scale, no constant reengineering required.

Deploy to various hardware platforms and operating systems without the need to rewrite for smooth, universal integration across any OS or programming language.

A footprint for any form factor

From high-powered processing to lightweight encryption, DigiCert TrustCore SDK’s flexible architecture supports a broad spectrum of devices with different memory requirements.

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Use your preferred language

TrustCore SDK integrates with your existing codebase, offering compatibility with a wide array of APIs and programming languages, such as C, C++, C#, Java, and Python, to maintain your development workflow without the need for translation or rewrites.

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Implement end-to-end controls—without endlessly rewriting code

A simple set of APIs makes it possible to integrate with any Secure Element, ensure data privacy and protection, and comply with import/export controls without extensive reengineering for each application.

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Simplified integration of cryptographic functions

Reduce development time and ensure seamless functionality across diverse IoT environments with the simplified integration of advanced cryptographic functionalities.

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Compliance with regulatory standards

Address stringent industry security standards and ensure your IoT solutions comply with crucial regulatory requirements with the included FIPS 140-2/3 certified libraries.

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Integration with secure elements

DigiCert TrustCore SDK facilitates robust IoT device security by abstracting various trusted Secure Elements, including TPMs, to effectively manage and protect cryptographic keys and sensitive data.

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Secure communication with protocols

Enable secure communication between IoT devices and networks using industry-standard protocols, including TLS 1.2/1.3, SSH, and MQTT 3.1.1/5.0. DigiCert TrustCore SDK maintains data confidentiality and integrity, reducing the risk of breaches and unauthorized access.

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Support backed by trusted expertise

Leverage DigiCert’s extensive support and resources to facilitate a seamless TrustCore SDK integration. Our FIPS validation services allow OEMs to obtain their own FIPS certification for broader market opportunities.

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Automate key management and rotation

Support IoT application development on headless devices by automating key generation, protection, rotation, and lifecycle management, with or without Secure Elements as a local root of trust.

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Security module plugins to Secure Elements and developer APIs to incorporate enterprise and commercial CAs

Effortlessly integrate with various Secure Elements and utilize industry standard certificate protocols like EST and SCEP to incorporate enterprise and commercial certificate authorities. DigiCert TrustCore SDK provides powerful capabilities around device authentication, network traffic encryption, and data encryption.

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Quantum-ready product security

Secure your connected products with NIST-approved algorithms for cutting-edge post-quantum cryptography (PQC) support to future-proof your devices against quantum computing.

Transform application development from cost center to revenue center

Drastically cut lifecycle maintenance costs and enhance profitability with our efficient, security-first approach, paving the way for cost-effective innovation and limitless potential for new revenue.

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