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About DigiCert

The global leader
in digital trust

Building trust into what matters to you.

Security is easy when you put people first

We focus on the person behind every secure transaction.

Initially, DigiCert was founded out of frustration. Digital security shouldn’t be difficult. It should relieve worry, not cause it. And yet something as simple as buying a certificate was so often a painful, time-consuming and frustrating slog through technical jargon and phone-trees. We knew there had to be a better way. So we built it. And then we kept building, always keeping our focus on how our work could help real people solve real problems.

Universal Trust. Unanimous Respect.

We create digital trust solutions for the real world.

Meet Our Team


Greg Clark

Board Chair, DigiCert Board of Directors

Deepika Chauhan

Office of the CEO


David Morton

Office of the CEO and CFO

Christophe Bodin, Chief Revenue Officer

Christophe Bodin


Jason Sabin


Jeremy Rowley

EVP of Product

Mark Packham

 EVP of Marketing

Jamie Elvidge

EVP of Operations

Mike Johnson

General Counsel & Corporate Secretary

Sinead Godkin

Chief People Officer