It’s time for cryptography to make a quantum leap

Quantum computing will change everything

We’re working to get ahead of the curve.

With current technology we estimate it would take a few quadrillion years to crack 2048-bit encryption. A capable quantum computer could conceivably do it in months. The industry simply can’t afford to play catch-up in the post-quantum age. If we don’t get ahead of the technology now, we may never close the gap.

We’re getting
a head start

DigiCert is playing a major role in several PQC initiatives, including the NIST post-quantum cryptography project. To help organizations take advantage of our R&D—as well as to help speed up the process—we’ve developed a PQC test kit to allow users to try out hybrid RSA/PQC certificates.

Learn how to get started with a PQC test kit >

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