Q: How do I become an authorized DigiCert partner?
ANSWER: Joining our partner program is easy and free. Just sign up online to get your own secure account manager. Partners are usually authorized in one business day.
Q: How much does it cost to become a partner?
ANSWER: Becoming a partner is free! There are no signup fees, no deposits, and no starting costs! Becoming our partner costs you nothing and you can start getting commissions today. Even the setup is easy and free.
Q: Don't I have to buy the SSL Certificates before I can resell them?
ANSWER: No. There is no investment and no risk; your visitors and customers purchase the certificates, not you. That means zero liability for you as our partner.
Q: Do I have to be an ISP, web host, or network admin to resell SSL Certificates?
ANSWER: No. Any registered organization or individual in good legal standing can become a DigiCert partner. You can open a new recurring revenue stream from existing traffic you already have!
Q: How soon do my commission payments arrive after the sales month ends?
ANSWER: After each sales month ends, commissions will be distributed promptly at the end of the next month's cycle. This is because sales must be totaled after the 30-day trial period in order to accurately determine your total amount earned.
Q: Is this truly residual income? Do I really receive royalty payments forever?
ANSWER: Yes! When a customer purchases an SSL Certificate from you the customer is yours forever. As long as you remain an authorized partner you will receive royalty payments for your customer's new orders and renewals. With just one sale, you can generate income year after year; a rare opportunity with exciting potential for continuous growth. We use cookies to track each sale with your unique ID to make sure that you get credit for future sales. Cookies are not infallible, but we do everything we can technologically to make sure you get paid for every sale.
Q: How long does it take to get set up?
ANSWER: If your business is in order it may only take a few hours. All we have to do is validate and approve your company, which requires faxed or scanned copies of your business license and your company's taxpayer ID. Once you are approved, all it takes is a simple cut and paste to start taking orders.
Q: How do my customers get their SSL Certificates?
ANSWER: As a DigiCert partner, there are two ways to place an order for your client. You can order on behalf of your customer or send your customer a link to order for themselves. If you order on behalf of your customer, you can download the certificates from your partner account. If your customer uses the link, they will download their SSL Certificates from their own secured account.
Q: Can I use unsolicited bulk email to sell DigiCert?
ANSWER: No. Promoting DigiCert through unsolicited bulk email (spam) is strictly prohibited. If a partner is found to have breached this agreement, their account will be immediately terminated.
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