Apache Server SSL Security from DigiCert

Whether you wish to secure one or many websites, DigiCert has an effective solution for your Apache Server. All DigiCert SSL Certificates are fully compatible with all versions of Apache HTTP servers.

Which Certificate is Right for You?

Because an Apache server can utilize any of the four SSL certificates that we offer (most servers can, there are only really a few exceptions and Apache is not one of them), selecting the certificates that are right for your needs is going to depend more upon the needs of your organization than the needs of your Apache server itself.

That is especially helpful in deployments where you will probably need to secure more than one server, or more than one type of server.

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SSL Certificates for Apache Servers

DigiCert offers a wide range of products that work perfectly with Apache Servers. The right product for you depends on your specific needs. If you need more information than you see below, compare all SSL Certificates.

Wildcard SSL Certificates
Secure unlimited subdomains of your domain (and the base domain itself), with an Unlimited Server License included.

Multi Domain
Secures up to 25 names, including internal names and names from multiple base domains. Works great with Apache, even though it was designed for use with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007.

EV Certificates
EV Certificates turn the address bar of the user's browser green, telling them you are who you claim to be. The strongest validation available secures one name (with and without the "www").

2048-Bit Single-Name SSL Certificates
Secure one fully-qualified domain name (with and without the "www").

CSR Creation Assistance

We know that it can be tricky to remember the commands required to generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) using the OpenSSL command line interface, so we provide an OpenSSL CSR Wizard to generate the command for you. You simply type in the domain name and your organization details and our tool will give you the exact OpenSSL command to copy/paste to your command prompt. No more wasting time trying to construct the right command, and no more worrying if the CSR was generated correctly!

Apache Certificate Installation Assistance

You are not alone. Our support staff has helped thousands of customers install SSL certificates on all types of Apache servers. Whether you are manually editing your Apache configuration files, or you use a graphical interface such as Cpanel or Plesk, we will be be able to help you. We are available 24 hours a day to walk you through your installation by phone, email, and chat. If your server crashes or you happen to lose your private key, we can have your SSL Certificate reissued at any time in less than two minutes!

Do you need to secure multiple websites on your server with just one IP address?

You can save time and money by using either a Wildcard Certificate or a Mulit-Domain SSL Certificate to secure your websites on a single IP address. Apache allows you to secure more than one domain name on the same IP address as long as all of the domain names that you are securing are included in the same certificate. Wildcard and Multi-Domain SSL Certificates can secure different subdomains and domain names respectively. Both certificate types are fully supported by Apache.

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