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Decoding device security—MDM, UEM, IoT and PKI

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is the security foundation of Mobile Device Management (MDM). By binding a unique identifier—a public key—to every device, PKI allows you to view, monitor and manage every connected device in your organization. This gives you control over what those devices can access. 

Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) is essentially an evolution of MDM specific to the Internet of Things (IoT). UEM takes the concept of secure device management a step further, extending control to other “smart” endpoints (any device that connects to the internet—from fridges to pacemakers), and also consolidates management of those devices into a single platform. 

In summary:

  • PKI is the core technology that makes it possible to identify and secure mobile devices.
  • MDM is the means of administrating mobile devices (usually a combination of software and PKI).
  • UEM is a consolidated system of management and wider extension of MDM to include IoT devices.

It only takes one vulnerable device

From phones to fish tanks, you’re only secure as your most vulnerable device. DigiCert security solutions for devices make it simple to identify, secure and manage every device in your organization from a single, simple-to-use manager.

Protect every user and every device

Take the complexity out of device management, create a more flexible, efficient production environment and embrace the IoT security benefits of the DigiCert® Trust Lifecycle Manager.

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