DigiCert® IoT Trust Manager for Transportation

Security that’s ahead
of the curve

The flexible, scalable solution for identifying and securing
your transportation IoT components, no matter the number
of access points. That’s digital trust for the real world.

Rail, road, water and air.
If it’s in transit,
it needs security

Connectivity is enabling a revolution in transportation efficiency and data tracking, creating innovation from self-driving cars to smart shipment movement across the globe.

Start-to-destination digital trust

Strong security and identity protect connected transportation from vulnerabilities that could lead to anything from data interception to vehicle takeover. From cars to commercial airliners, DigiCert® IoT Trust Manager builds trust into the vehicles that move the world.

From zero to encrypted in milliseconds

Deployed within milliseconds using custom APIs and protocols, DigiCert IoT certificates deliver the customization needed to authenticate systems, encrypt gateway communications, provide secure over-the-air (OTA) updates and much more.

  • Authentication
    • Certificates for transportation components validate identities to ensure only authorized users, messages, or other types of servers have access to the device.
  • Encryption
    • A certificate creates an encrypted link and allows communications to be transmitted privately.
  • Integrity
    • Certificates prevent alteration to vehicle software, and shield data transfer from tampering while in transit between the cloud, gateway and vehicle.

A foundation for digital trust

DigiCert ONE is more than just a platform. It’s a new way of thinking about how you secure and manage everything of value in your organization. From the individual website to the massive enterprise, DigiCert ONE makes security, validation, and identity powerful and easy. No matter the size or use, DigiCert ONE delivers control and simplicity for the highest level of assurance.

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The DigiCert Difference

Choose from cloud, on-prem, or hybrid

No matter the type of infrastructure configuration, DigiCert IoT Trust Manager is flexible enough to fit your needs. 

Add more experts to your team

Our PKI architects can plug in at any stage of deployment, from proof-of-concept to implementation to securing millions of devices. 

Deploy & manage in one place

Deploy thousands of certificates in minutes. Save time by automating management tasks using REST API, SCEP, or Web Services.

Streamline device identity management

Consolidate, organize and manage identity relationships for people, devices and sensors using IoT certificates.

Ensure data reliability & system integrity

Confirm original device configuration settings, and sign messages moving between devices, to prevent tampering or alteration in transit.

Trust architecture that’s better by design

DigiCert is built on hyper-convergent infrastructure with the highest level of availability, redundancy and security compliance.



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Matter Compliance: Understanding and Implementing Device Attestation Certificates

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Learn how to improve your security posture
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