DigiCert TLS/SSL Certification Program

Get certified as a
TLS/SSL expert

Three levels of certification to enhance
your skills—and resume. That’s
digital trust for the real world.

Who should get certified?

Anyone who works with TLS/SSL technology and/or the DigiCert CertCentral certificate management platform in an admin or technical role (technical support, TLS/SSL administrator, network/security specialist, etc).

Why get certified?

Demonstrate your mastery of TLS/SSL best practices and/or DigiCert® CertCentral.

How does it work?

There are 1 Associate-level module, 2 Professional-level modules and 1 Expert-level module available.

Associate level is the entry-level certification, aimed at less technical staff. The DigiCert TLS certification covers both TLS technology and the DigiCert CertCentral management platform.

Professional level is the next most technical certification level, aimed at professionals in technical roles. There are 2 separate modules, covering SSL/TLS technology and the DigiCert CertCentral management platform.

Expert level is the most technical certification level. The DigiCert Certified CertCentral Automation Expert covers both CertCentral Discovery and Automation options. It is recommended to achieve DigiCert CertCentral Professional status before attempting this certification.

Each module requires a 1-hour online exam. You can prepare using online resources or opt-in to a DigiCert instructor-led workshop delivered online, at a DigiCert location, or your work location.

Please review the training guides in the Downloads section for more information on module objectives and recommended training resources.

There are multiple ways to take the test:


A DigiCert instructor teaches a workshop at a DigiCert or customer location. The test can then be administered in person.


Take the exam through Examity—a web-based proctoring tool which allows students to take tests from their home or office while being monitored through a web app.


Connect with an expert to help you establish,
manage and extend digital trust

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