Security solutions for
Google AMP

Maintain security, speed and control on mobile
sites with SXG—signed HTTP exchanges.

AMP Mobile Sites Need
More Than SSL

Mobile sites built on Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) are delivered from a server cache with a Google URL. This is a solution built for speed—but AMP errors are slowing load times, hurting SEO and raising questions about the security AMP sites

DigiCert SXG Certificate Bundle:
One Simple Fix for Google AMP


Be sure your mobile is protected with the encryption and authentication you intended


Get almost instant load times for cached content


Display your URL and company name in the address bar to improve mobile search and brand trust

The Mobile Speed you want, 
the security and control you need

SXG (Signed HTTP Exchanges) isn't a new certificate type—it's an extension you can add to OV and EV SSL certificates from the DigiCert CertCentral™ platform. The DigiCert SXG Certificate Bundle is the only fix for known issues affecting the security, speed and integrity of AMP mobile sites.

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