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Keeping Bad Actors Out of Television

Televisions are ubiquitous. More than 260 million European households own at least one. But few think about security when reaching for the remote. With the advent of pay TV, broadcasters realized they needed a method to protect both their own content and their viewer’s data—and that it must be built into the device.

The result was CI+, a technical specification that adds additional capabilities to the Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) standard. As part of the CI Plus ecosystem, manufacturers must remain compliant with changing CI Plus specifications.

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Avoid the costs of implementing and managing your own PKI environment



Implement CI Plus (CI+) standards with a proven process for device and component manufacturers



Key partner of CI Plus since 2008 with comprehensive knowledge of requirements


DigiCertOne PKI Reimagined

DigiCert PKI Platform Benefits

  • Fully integrated with CI+ business processes 
  • Vastly more cost-effective than managing a homebrew PKI environment
  • Proven to scale to meet high production demands, with over 200 million supported devices (see licensed manufacturer, host and module list)
  • Easily bulk order certificates using a list of device IDs
  • Highly secure, military-grade, annually audited datacenter supports 24/7/265 global monitoring, management and escalation
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Licensed Manufacturer, Host and Module List

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