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DigiCert security solutions for email give you reliable, trusted and simple tools to ensure your email communications are validated and encrypted beyond the SMTP standard. Enjoy secure authentication, identity, and integrity of messages using S/MIME certificates, also known as
client certificates or user certificates.


Verify your email. Boost your brand. Increase your engagement.

No more generic initials. It’s time to take back the inbox.

Learn how a VMC helps you increase user trust, expand your brand visibility, improve customer experience, and amplify engagement.

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A more trusted defense

Authentication, encryption and data integrity for email

In many organizations, email is the weakest security link. As with websites and bank transactions, email data needs to be protected while it’s moving from sender to recipient. PKI certificates offer a proven encryption and authentication solution that not only secures the content of the email, it also embeds the identity of the sender.

With DigiCert® Trust Lifecycle Manager, you can control and administer all your email certificates from one place. No matter how many people in your organization, all your communications can be protected and validated with ease. Integrate corporate email services, authenticate users, remove former employee access and recover secure emails—all from one sign-on.

How email certificates work


Secure and validated? Check.

The five essentials of secure email

Central administration

Manage and deploy all your certificates from a single console.

Secure Email Certificates

Centralized recovery

Choose from cloud-based, two-part recovery or on-premises key escrow.

Rapid deployment

Save time by using pre-configured certificate profiles designed by experts.

Flexible enrollment

Select a method that fits your needs—PKI client, self-support portal, OS/browser enrollment or Mobile Device Management (MDM) web services.

Seamless provisioning

Enjoy hands-off deployment. Automated options are available via PKI client with Gateway and Active Directory (AD) authentication, Passcode or MDM service.

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Securing Email: Digital Trust in Communications

Learn how to improve your
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