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20-21 April 2021

DigiCert Security Summit

This event is where many of the leading thinkers and professionals in the industry come together to network and discuss the newest threats, solutions, innovations and best practices in digital security. This year's event will be hosted completely virtually. But don’t worry: you’ll still be able to network with colleagues, engage with speakers and even attend certification and training courses—all from the comfort and safety of, well, anywhere. In addition to keeping things lively with some new interactive elements, we’ve also put together a fantastic list of speakers, including:

  • Brian Krebs- Leading Cybercrime Journalist & New York Times Bestselling Author of "Spam Nation"
  • John Merrill- DigiCert Chief Executive Officer
  • Brian Trzupek- DigiCert SVP of Product, Trust Solutions Group
  • Jeremy Rowley- DigiCert Chief Product Officer
  • Jason Sabin- DigiCert Chief Technology Officer
  • Avesta Hojjati- DigiCert Head of R&D

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