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Client Certificates

Secure sensitive
emails with S/MIME

Proven encryption and secure log-in for
email and email applications. That’s
digital trust for the real world.

What is a client certificate?

Without two-factor authentication (2FA), email signing, and document signing, your organization is only as secure as your weakest password. Client certificates—also known as personal ID certificates—are used to concretely identify and validate individual users. That way you’re able to control what each user can and cannot access and encrypt and sign communications they send and receive.

Control access

Allow and restrict access to apps, websites, databases and devices.

Sign communications

Sign and encrypt emails to protect against phishing and tampering.

Enable 2FA

Guard against hacked passwords by adding another layer of authentication.

Client certificate options

DigiCert offers four flexible options to meet your specific needs:

The simplest, most modern way to manage client certificates

DigiCert PKI Manager makes it easy to enable and manage certificates across your entire organization with just a few clicks:

  • Purchase
  • Issue
  • Customize
  • Automate
  • Revoke & reissue



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DigiCert Client Certificates

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