EV Code Signing Certificate Benefits

With an EV Code Signing Certificate you get the protection and extended trust of extended validation verification plus the additional security provided by a hardware requirement. Code can only be signed when your hardware is connected. This helps reduce the risk of certificate theft or unauthorized program signing.

Note: In order to use an EV Code Signing Certificate with Mac OS X, you will need to have DigiCert preinstall the certificate to a token and ship it to you.

  1. After your token is shipped to you and you receive it, you will need to activate and obtain your token's password

  2. Install the safenet drivers onto your computer.

  3. You can confirm your certificate is available by opening Keychain Manager then the "My Certificates" Keychain on your computer. Your certificate issued by DigiCert should be listed.

  4. Open a terminal window and run the following command to sign your code with your certificate (alter the portion in red to match your company and app):

    codesign -s "Your Company, Inc." "/path/to/yourApp.app"

  5. You can then verify the code signing was executed successfully by running:

    codesign -v "/path/to/MyApp.app"

Your certificate should now be successfully signed.

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