BEA Weblogic 7 SSL Certificate Installation

If you have not yet created a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and ordered your certificate, see
SSL Certificate CSR Creation :: BEA Weblogic.

Installing your BEA Weblogic SSL Digital Certificate

A pre-built .pem file should have been emailed to you when your certificate was issued. If you did not receive that file, you can download it inside your account by logging in, clicking the order number in the "My Orders" tab, and choosing the link to download "ALL CERTIFICATES (Zip File)."

If you are unable to locate that file, please refer to our instructions for creating an SSL certificate .pem file before proceeding.

  1. Copy both the Private Key and the your_domain_name.pem files into the \wlserver6.0\config\mydomain directory.

  2. Assign protections to the private key file and the your_domain_name.pem files so that only the system User of WebLogic Server has read privileges and all other users have no privileges to access the private key file or digital certificate(s).

  3. Configure WebLogic Server to use the SSL Protocol:

    You need to enter the following information on the SSL tab in the Server Configuration window:

    • In the Server Certificate File Name field, enter the full directory location and name of the digital certificate for WebLogic Server (digicertpack.pem).
    • In the Server Key File Name field, enter the full directory location and name of the private key file for WebLogic Server.
    • Make sure that SSL is enabled.
    • Set the SSL Listen Port to 443.
    • Client Certificate Enforced should not be checked for most situations.

    Click the Apply button to save your changes.

  4. Reboot Weblogic Server.

Installing your SSL Certificates in BEA Weblogic

How to install your SSL Certificate.

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