Lotus Domino

IBM Lotus Domino Server SSL Security Certificates

Whatever your SSL needs, DigiCert has the server security solution for your organization. Our entire range of certificate products are fully compatible with all past and current versions of Lotus Domino.

Secure Business Collaboration

Lotus Domino SSL certificate management, based around Key Ring files, is generally fairly straightforward.

For those looking to set up secure email, messaging, or web services on their Domino server, finding the right kind of certificate will usually depend not on which cert is right for your server, but what cert is right for your organization, and how SSL will be deployed throughout your organization.

Additionally, our feature rich account manager will make installing your certificate across multiple servers (with our unlimited server license, it is free!), reissuing, renewing, or even revoking your certificate easier than ever before.

SSL Certificates for Lotus Domino Servers

Every certificate that DigiCert offers is a fully-functional, organization AND domain validated SSL certificate compatible with all major web browsers.

In addition to our High Assurance SSL certificates, we offer EV SSL certificates, which provide additional assurance to clients via additional features that are enabled in the client's web browser (if accessing the certificate over the web).

SSL Plus Certificate

The SSL Plus certificate is what most people would consider a standard SSL cert. For Lotus Domino servers, you will generally want to consider an SSL Plus certificate when you only need to look at securing one fully-qualified domain name or one web or mail server.

Per Year Pricing
2 Years $207 per year ($414) (You Save 10%) Buy Now
1 Year $218 Buy Now

Wildcard SSL Certificate

Our Wildcard SSL Certificate is designed to secure multiple sub-domains of one primary domain name, e.g., www.yoursite.com AND mail.yoursite.com AND anything.yoursite.com. With the Plus feature, our Wildcards will secure any first level subdomain of the domain they are securing, as well as allowing for Subject Alternate Names to be added for compatibility even with multiple levels of sub-domains.

If you have further questions about Wildcard SSL on Lotus Domino or the SSL Plus feature, please contact support for assistance.

Per Year Pricing
2 Years $653 per year ($1,307) (You Save 10%) Buy Now
1 Year $688 Buy Now