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New gTLDs and their impact on your SSL Certificates White Paper

Learn how new Top-Level Domains and CA/B Forum baseline requirements may affect your SSL Certificates.

DigiCert and the Wikimedia Foundation Partner in Security Case Study

The Wikimedia Foundation partners with DigiCert for strong securtiy and streamlined management using Enterprise Managed PKI Services


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Browser UI Security Indicators

Examples of recent browser UI security indicators

Browser UI security indicators are constantly changing from one version number to the next, and there is little consistency among browsers even for the UI security indicator for any given type of TLS/SSL digital certificate. For this reason, users have a hard time understanding what any particular browser UI means as to user security.

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What Kind of SSL/TLS Certificate Infographic

What Kind of SSL/TLS Certificate Do I Need

You may not think you need a publicly registered SSL/TLS certificate, but there are many benefits. Learn how a publicly registered SSL/TLS certificate and improve the trust level of you domain, brand, and more.

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E-File Site Honor Roll Infographic

Avoiding tax e-filing scams and staying secure

DigiCert sponsored Online Trust Alliance research to determine how well free e-file sites protect consumer security and privacy. Learn what businesses and consumers can do to protect their identity.

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Increasing Online Trust Infographic

What websites are securing your data and protecting your privacy?

The Online Trust Alliance, of which DigiCert is a board member, published its annual Online Trust Report, which analyzes the biggest web sites for securing data and protecting consumer privacy.

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EV SSL Increases Online Trust

How do a padlock and green bar increase customer online trust?

Consumers know the padlock and green bar indicates a trusted connection. Just 2% proceed past "untrusted connection" messages and only 3% would give out credit card information without the padlock icon.

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Increasing Online Trust

Who can you trust with your online security?

In 2013 alone 823 million online records were exposed to cyber criminals. Focusing on online security analysis of consumer protection, infrastructure security and privacy and transparency, this infographic gives a glimpse into how pervasive cyber-crime is and what you can do to protect yourself and your network.

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What's Behind the Padlock?

What does it mean when you see a HTTPS padlock?

The padlock symbol in the browser address bar has become an iconic mark of security that web users can look for to know whether a site is authentic or not. Learn the steps that Certificate Authorities take to verify the identity of the website you intend to visit. Discover “What’s Behind the Padlock?”

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Staying Safe Online Infographic

Whom do you trust to secure your data?

Would you freely advertise your personal information online? That is exactly what you do when your bank, favorite social network or online retailer does not take the proper precautions to protect your security and privacy. With a 117% increase in the number of data breaches exposing more than 267 million records, it’s more important than ever to ensure companies you do business with online use correct security protocols. This infographic examines the escalating problems of Internet security and provides 10 steps that can be taken to improve the situation.

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New gTLDs and SSL Infographic

With an explosion in active TLDs, how will it affect your SSL certificates?

If you own SSL Certificates registered to local names that get approved as gTLDs you will need to re-configure your servers to only use public names. This will affect owners of Unified Communications Certificates the greatest. What does this mean for your network and certificates?

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Online Security Infographic

Would you trust your money to a bank that doesn’t lock their vault?

Each time you buy something on the web, whether sharing a credit card number or other personal information, you’re putting yourself at reisk if you don’t verify that the website you are visiting takes appropriate measures to protect your security and privacy. Where 75% of online retailers are still failing to adopt online security best practices the need for you to be in the know concerning online security is more vital than ever.

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