DigiCert REST APIs

Automate and customize your certificate management processes when you tap into the power of the DigiCert Services API.

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Why Use the DigiCert Services API?

DigiCert Services is the API that gives you flexibility to simplify certificate management in a way that works best for your organization.

Automate certificate process
Customize workflows
Rebrand CertCentral platform

Automate Common Certificate
Management Processes

DigiCert Services API is a powerful API that allows you to automate typical
certificate processes to save time and streamline certificate management.
Enjoy hands-free operations for any certificate type including SSL,
code signing, client, private SSL, and so much more.



Requesting and Approving

Rejecting and Downloading

Renewing, Revoking and Reissuing


Customize Workflows for Your Enterprise

Customize virtually any workflow within the certificate management platform and handpick features that matter most to your organization to optimize efficiency. Using DigiCert Services API, you have access to all the features available in CertCentral without needing to log in to the platform directly.

Integrate with Your Branding

Take advantage of all the CertCentral functionality and benefits while controlling how the platform looks and feels for your users. Using the DigiCert Services API, create your own version of the platform with your organization’s branding to seamlessly integrate with existing tools.

How DigiCert Services API Works

DigiCert Services API utilizes the REST API simple architectural style
and the existing technology and protocols of HTTP.

REST libraries are included in all major programing languages

Return JSON or XML responses

Supports UTF-8 character set encoding for all data

Uses standard HTTP method calls (available on every language and platform) to make requests and retrieve information

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DigiCert API Access

Your DigiCert account representative will need to activate the DigiCert Services API within your CertCentral account. From there, you can generate API keys from your Profile Settings page. Your Account ID functions as the username for API access.

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API Features and Benefits

Code Signing Certificates allow your customers to verify that the code is authentic and has not been tampered with. DigiCert code signing protects your software against theft and malware.

When a piece of code is digitally signed, you can easily detect modified files. Additionally, code signed with a DigiCert timestamp tells a user that the code was signed with a valid certificate even after the actual code signing certificate expires.

Your partners and the channels that distribute your software expect you to safeguard their valuable customers' data. Signing software shows commitment to their safety and is often a contractual requirement.

Your customers expect a smooth and professional installation process when they download your software. Digitally signed programs that avoid warning messages help keep your users safe and protects your brand.

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To gain access or learn more about DigiCert Services API, or for other APIs available for specific use cases, contact us.