Authentication 03-25-2020

Keeping Your Website Secure While Working from Home


How to Request or Renew Digital Certificates from Home

As most people connect with your business solely online during COVID-19, it is more important than ever to maintain your websites’ security.

Working from home can open up possibilities for hackers, but you can keep your systems secure by having and maintaining online certificates. TLS/SSL certificates create an encrypted connection and establish trust so that your customers and employees feel confident using online resources.

Requesting Certificates from Home: The Challenge

The biggest challenge in obtaining and renewing certificates while you are working from home is confirming that the person requesting the certificate is authorized to do so on behalf of the organization.

Before DigiCert can issue a certificate, industry standards require us to contact a representative of the organization to verify that the person requesting the certificate is authorized to do so. We are required to do this using a verified (typically through a third party), means of communication, such as email or phone. Learn more.

This means that even while working from home, you need to maintain a channel of communication with you and your business so that we can continue to get needed certificates for your website and business.

What You Can Do Now to Make Sure we Stay Connected

To ensure DigiCert can provide the fastest validation process possible, we recommend that you:

  • Monitor important phone lines.
  • Forward important telephone numbers to a phone you check regularly.
  • Ensure access to voicemail and email messages.

We may use these methods to connect with you or provide confirmation codes for verification.

Questions? We’re available to help!

If you are not able to implement these recommendations while working from home, contact the DigiCert validation team.

Our team is available 24/7. Stay in touch with us via chat, email or phone support.


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