Digital Signature Authentication with Mac OS

Mac OS Code Signing Certificate

Help instill confidence in those running your software, tools, updates, utilities, and applications by signing your executables with DigiCert's Apple Code Signing Certificates. Signing your code provides identity assurance, alleviates the stress of code being compromised with insertion of malware, and protects your reputation as the author.

Apple Code Signing Certificates allow developers to sign software, as well as updates for their software. A Code Signing Certificate identifies the developer and verifies both the authenticity and source of the code while verifying that the code has not been tampered with since being signed. Your users can work with your software the way they are supposed to without having to worry about the security concerns that plague software distribution today, especially in the online world.

You can also use a DigiCert Code Signing Certificate (standard and EV) to sign the following:

  • Windows ActiveX with Microsoft Authenticode file signing and kernel mode, Microsoft applications, including Visual Basic Applications and Office, and UEFI firmware binaries
  • Java Code Applets with the Java SE Development Kit (JDK)
  • Adobe AIR files

Note: You can use a DigiCert Code Signing Certificate (standard and EV) to sign your Mac OS software, tools, updates, utilities and applications. However, if you want your apps to open on a Mac that has Gatekeeper enabled or want to distribute apps in the App Store, you need to create a developer ID to sign your Mac apps and installer packages; only Apple Developer code signing certificates are compatible with GateKeeper.

Why Choose DigiCert?

DigiCert is a certificate authority with years of experience in authentication and identity assurance, with an experienced staff available twenty-four hours to help ensure that your questions are always answered, and that you get the help that you need.

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What are Code Signing Certificates?

Code Signing Certificates were developed to help identify and establish the source and integrity of code, as well as specify to applications the purposes for which the code was created. In order to ensure the secure distribution of code, developers should obtain a Code Signing Certificate to effectively stamp code with a kind of "stamp of authenticity."

The Apple OS will carry out policy checks based on a digital code signature, and in the event that code has been tampered with, or the signature is not trusted or not valid, users will be presented with these warnings before running or installing code.

To learn how to sign code in Mac OS, seeMac Codesign Utility Tool.