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DigiCert® DNS Trust Manager

DNS performance
that builds trust

Managed DNS puts the power of reliability,
performance, speed and scalability in your
hands. That’s digital trust for the real world.
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Unrivaled reliability

The world’s largest dedicated authoritative DNS network boasts the industry’s longest outage-free history, making downtime a thing of the past and ensuring customers associate your brand with the fastest, most reliable digital experience possible.

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Unbridled speeds

Every millisecond counts. Slow load times can trigger a dramatic drop in traffic and revenue. DigiCert DNS Trust Manager brings records closer to users and directs them to the fastest resource, enabling queries to be answered at lightning speed—averaging response times as low as 10 milliseconds in all major markets. You’ll see a marked difference in SEO, client satisfaction and revenue, making managed DNS an investment that more than pays for itself.

DigiCert Global Anycast Network (AS16552)

DigiCert operates 25 points of presence (PoPs) around the world, serving over 180 billion queries daily.
The DigiCert DNS Network is purpose-built from bare metal servers and a dedicated network managed entirely in-house, unlike other providers that operate from virtual machines hosted in third-party clouds.

DigiCert Network Map

Advanced traffic optimization

DigiCert DNS Trust Manager allows you to route traffic based on geography, real user metrics, and application health and status. Full control over DNS query responses enables support for multi-cloud and multi-CDN environments.
DNS Trust Manager Image
DNS Trust Manager Image

Easy to use. Easy to automate

The DigiCert DNS Trust Manager API allows you to automate the management of large-scale DNS environments, with pre-built connectors to services like Chef, Terraform and octoDNS.

Discover the benefits of DigiCert DNS Trust Manager

Prevent outages

DigiCert’s geo-redundant, purpose-built network leads the industry in continuous uptime. Use DigiCert DNS Trust Manager for primary or secondary DNS, leveraging DNS failover to prevent outages.

Increase performance

DigiCert maintains top-tier DNS query speeds in all major markets. Use DigiCert Trust Manager’s proprietary traffic management features to route traffic to the best possible source.

Automate management

DigiCert’s full-featured RESTful API and off-the-shelf integrations make it easy to programmatically manage DNS infrastructure and enable multi-cloud, multi-CDN and DevOps.

Manage traffic

DigiCert’s advanced traffic steering allows you to optimize user experiences. Automate route traffic by incorporating real-user metrics, system monitoring and predictive analytics.

Stay secure

Advanced security features include built-in DDoS mitigation, DNSSEC support, malicious traffic filtering, and enterprise security features like granular user access controls, SSO/MFA and more.

Get insights

Real-time logging powers multiple AI and machine-learning models that provide real-time anomaly detection, alerting you to suspicious traffic and helping to prevent outages.

Trusted DNS solutions at any scale

  • Top-tier response times 
  • 100% uptime and outage elimination 
  • Enhanced speeds and smart traffic routing 
  • Protection against external threats and attacks 
  • Superior security and automated network monitoring 
  • Single point of failure prevention with secondary DNS 
  • Third-party integrations 
  • Scalable, transparent pricing 
  • White-glove support and migration
  • Speed- and status-based decisions
  • Automated migration
  • Advanced permissions
  • Real-time alerts
  • Enterprise monitoring
  • Advanced GeoDNS
  • Multi-CDN solution
  • Weighted round robin
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Your partner in DNS service delivery

Get the dedicated support your enterprise deserves with Platinum Support.
  • Dedicated account representative
  • Live phone support during business hours
  • Optional upgrade to 24/7/365 after-hours access
  • Live chat and video support
  • White-glove migration support with automated migration option
  • Quarterly account status review
  • Private webinar and learning labs
  • Roadmap feature requests

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