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DigiCert® Document Trust Manager for Adobe

The strongest security
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Encryption, authentication, identity and
non-repudiation for Adobe documents.
That's digital trust for the real world.

Digital signature trust is essential in a changing world 

Around the world, regulatory requirements across geographies and industries are calling for increased levels of trust assurance in digital signatures. This trend, along with a growing corporate shift towards remote digital business processes, is driving an accelerating need for signature trust in electronic document signing workflows. Signature trust provides high assurance for: 

Document identity


Assures that the signer is who they say they are

Document Integrity


Assures that the document has not been altered

Document validation


Assures with auditability and time-stamping that the document is legally valid

Transform onboarding with remote identity verification

Verify by DigiCert transforms your identity verification process, allowing your customers to remotely validate their identity, saving time and money over in-person verification processes while accelerating your customer on-boarding and business needs.

  • Verification in minutes rather than days
  • Highly secure cloud-based storage of credentials
  • Transformative customer experience, making validation convenient and inexpensive

Seamless integration with Adobe Acrobat Sign

DigiCert® Document Trust Manager is efficiently integrated with Adobe Acrobat Sign. All digital signatures signed using Document Trust Manager with Adobe Acrobat Sign are automatically trusted at a substantial level of assurance through the Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL). DigiCert’s cloud-based service provides all the cryptographic components (e.g., signing certificates, timestamping, key management, OCSP and CRL services) required to create a trusted digital signature without the need of additional hardware or software, reducing time and cost to enable digital signatures on Adobe Acrobat Sign documents.

  • Sign with auditable, validated identities for increased security
  • Deploy validated, trusted digital signatures with Adobe Acrobat Sign
  • Satisfy organizational governance or global industry regulations with digital signatures

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