SSL Certificates for Exchange Server 2003

Why DigiCert?

Exchange 2003 SSL Certificate requirements are actually some of the easiest to satisfy, and DigiCert is currently one of three certificate authorities (CA's) worldwide recommended by Microsoft for providing certificates for Exchange.

We offer competitive pricing, free unlimited reissues & duplicate certificates (for Multi-Domain SSL and Wildcard certificates), and a money back guarantee.

Get Multi-Domain SSL certificates for just $340/year

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Is DigiCert Compatible With My Mobile Devices?

Our certificates work with all major web browsers, mail clients, and mobile device operating systems (including Palm, Blackberry, and iPhone OS).

What Kind of Certificate Is Best For Me?

Instead of determining what SSL certificate you should buy based upon the needs of your Exchange 2003 server (as in Exchange 2007 or Exchange 2010), your choice for an Exchange 2003 SSL certificate will depend upon how certificates are to be deployed throughout your organization.

If you only need to secure one fully-qualified domain name on one server (e.g., or, then you will likely select an SSL Plus Certificate.

Multiple servers or websites that are subdomains of the same base domain (e.g., and can be secured best with a Wildcard SSL Certificate.

Multiple servers with distinct domains (e.g., & are best secured either with a single Multi-Domain SSL Certificate or with multiple SSL Plus certificates.

SSL Plus certificates, like all certificates issued by DigiCert, are high assurance SSL certificates compatible with strong 2048 bit encryption.

If you only need to secure one site (such as Outlook Web Access), then an SSL Plus certificate is ideal to cover your Exchange 2003 SSL needs.

Per Year Pricing
2 Years $188 per year ($376) (You Save 10%) Buy Now
1 Year $198 Buy Now

Wildcard SSL Certificates are usually used in cases where multiple servers or multiple websites will need to be secured. Wildcards should be used when all your sites or servers are subdomains of one primary domain (e.g.,,, etc).

Wildcards can be used across multiple servers at no extra cost, & frequently save our customers from needing to buy a certificate specifically for their Exchange 2003 server.

Per Year Pricing
2 Years $625 per year ($1,250) (You Save 10%) Buy Now
1 Year $658 Buy Now

Multi-Domain (SAN) Certificates, frequently thought of as "Exchange 2007" certificates, can actually be used for a variety of implementations.

Multi-Domain (SAN) Certificates allow for multiple external domain names to be included as Subject Alternate Names on the same SSL certificate, so they are ideal for securing multiple distinct sites on one or more servers.

2 Years $680 4 names, additionals $257 each (Save 10%) Buy Now
1 Year $358 4 names, additionals $135 each Buy Now

When generating a Multi-Domain Exchange 2003 SSL Certificate, you can use any one of your intended names as the Common Name on the certificate signing request, and add the others during the online order process