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Matter Certificates for Connected Devices

Matter & DigiCert: setting
the standard for trust

Delivering an efficient path to market for manufacturers
adopting Matter standards.

IoT Devices

How can more connected devices create fewer vulnerabilities?

With so many connected devices built by so many different manufacturers, there’s an urgent need for interoperability and security for all smart home devices. After all, connected home devices can either make people feel the safest or the most vulnerable, depending on their ability to trust them. Until recently, there was no standard to drive smart home devices to be secure, reliable and seamless to use with any virtual assistant.

Connected trust with DigiCert & Matter

Matter is more than an initiative. It’s a protocol standard, like Bluetooth or USB, which allows a Matter-enabled device to connect to pre-validated systems, regardless of who made it, what it does, where it is, or what it talks to. Not only does Matter end closed or proprietary systems for home IoT devices, it also makes those devices secure.

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Rooted in proven, long-standing digital trust

DigiCert, with our long history of providing digital trust in everything from web to IoT, was asked by the leadership of the Connectivity Standards Alliance and project Matter—including Apple, Amazon, and Google—to help define and write the trust standards for the 250+ participating members of the project. When your customers see the Matter logo on your device, they will know they can trust it to connect seamlessly and securely.

Connected devices are better with Matter

Trusted DigiCert roots provide the backbone security of Matter. When you deploy Matter on your devices you get:

  • Matter-compliant intermediate CA (PAI) and device attestation certificate (DAC) issuance
  • Flexible provisioning methods (cloud, batch, on-premise) for device attestation certificate issuance
  • Seamless interoperability with other Matter-compliant devices 
  • Certificate lifecycle management for encryption, identity, and authentication
  • Full functionality for pre-production testing 
  • Rapid time to market 

Get Matter-compliant certificates on your connected devices today

Integrating Matter into your device is fast and easy with DigiCert® IoT Device Manager. Our scalable management platform and APIs allow you to issue and deliver Matter’s Device Attestation Certificates, providing device identity, authentication and encryption. With DigiCert IoT Device Manager, you can quickly get to market with the highest level of trust and without the risk or headache of a DIY PKI system.

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