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Exchange SSL Certificate Services from DigiCert

Working with SSL certificates in an Exchange environment can be easy! We can help.

For several years, DigiCert has partnered with Microsoft to help meet the SSL security needs of the Exchange server platform. From this partnership we have developed the expertise needed to help you and your organization with your Exchange SSL certificate needs.

Exchange Server SSL Certificate Guide

Microsoft Exchange 2013

Follow our step-by-step instructions to simplify your CSR creation and certificate installation processes.

Our award-winning customer support team is available to help you get your certificates up and running today. While taking advantage of the new features of Exchange 2013, we'll help you secure your services, and include free reissues and duplicate certificates. Exchange 2013 SSL Main Page

exchange 2013


Microsoft Exchange 2010

If you need to get an SSL certificate for Exchange 2010 to set up secure services, let us help.

Our certificate services include special account management tools to help you reissue or get duplicate certificates, add or remove names (or change the name to which you certificate was issued). Exchange 2010 SSL Main Page



Microsoft Exchange 2007

Exchange 2007 brought an entirely new dynamic to SSL certificate configuration by taking advantage of Subject Alternate Names and Multi-Domain (SAN) Certificates.

Consult our documentation for help knowing what names to include in your certificate and generating a CSR using the Powershell to make Exchange SSL Certificate process easier than it ever has before. Exchange 2007 SSL Main Page

Exchange 2007 SSL


Microsoft Exchange 2003

DigiCert's Exchange SSL certificates are compatible with all major browsers, mobile devices, and mail clients.

Get the security benefits, customer account management tools, and expert support assistence that you need to make your Exchange SSL certificate configuration and management experience as painless as possible. Exchange 2003 SSL Main Page

Exchange 2003 SSL


Removing Internal Domain Names from Exchange

The CA/Browser Forum recently revised the rules regarding issuing SSL Certificates for internal domain names. Certificate Authorities may no longer issue certificates for internal names with expiration dates after November 1, 2015. Microsoft Exchange admins can use the free DigiCert Internal Name Tool to reconfigure their Exchange servers to comply with these new guidelines.