How to Import and Export your SSL Certificate

Want to export the easy way? Our Microsoft utility tool works on any Windows-based server. Otherwise, follow the below instructions.

The process of installing one certificate across multiple servers requires the following steps:

  1. Install your SSL certificate files to the server where the CSR was generated (see our SSL Certificate Installation Instructions for help).
  2. Export your certificate (including the private key) from the server to backup files.

    Step by step instructions are available for the following platforms:

  3. Import the files and private key to your additional servers.
  4. Configure your additional servers to use the SSL certificate that you imported.

Once you have completed step one, select your server type from the menu on the right for instructions specific to your server type. If using more than one server type, select the server type that you have already successfully installed your certificate files to (from step one).

Some servers types will not allow certificates to be imported from one server to another. If that is the case for your server, there are two ways that you can generate duplicate certificates inside your account (at no cost) to use on a second server.

If you have a Wildcard or Multi-Domain (SAN) Certificate, log in to your account, go to the Certificates tab, and click the order number for your certificate. Under the Actions" heading, use the Get a Duplicate button to request a duplicate certificate for your server.

If you have an Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate we recommend that you contact our support department for help obtaining a duplicate. Certificate management functions inside your customer account are limited because of the extended security involved in handling EV certificates.

If you have an SSL Plus SSL certificate you will also not have the "Get a Duplicate" option inside your customer account.

If you have any further questions, please contact our support department.

Importing and Exporting your SSL Certificate

How to Import/Export your SSL Server Security Certificate Across Multiple Servers.

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