Instructions for Installing One Certificate on Multiple Servers

Below are the basic steps when exporting and importing a certificate. Please read this entire article before attempting these steps.

  1. Install the SSL Certificate files to the server where the CSR was generated (see our SSL Certificate installation instructions for help).
  2. Export your certificate from the server to backup files (including the private key).
  3. Import the backup files and private key to the additional server(s).
  4. Configure the additional server(s) to use the SSL Certificate that you imported.

After you complete the first step, select your server type from the links in the right side bar for server-specific instructions. If using more than one server type, select the server type from where the CSR was generated.

Other Use Cases

Some server types will not allow certificates to be imported from one server to another. If you are in this situation, you can generate duplicate certificates from inside your DigiCert® Management Console (at no cost) to use on a second server.

If you have a Wildcard Plus™, or Multi-Domain (SAN) Certificate, log into your account and click the Certificates tab. Click the order number for your certificate. Under Actions, click Get a Duplicate to request a duplicate certificate.

If you have an Extended Validation (EV) or SSL Plus™ certificate you can use the re-key option in your DigiCert Management Console to generate an additional copy. You can also contact our support department for help obtaining a duplicate.