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A new way to
manage and
extend digital trust

Establish, manage, and extend trust
seamlessly with DigiCert now available on the
security-first architecture from Oracle.

Our hyperconnected world brings material gains in convenience, productivity, and innovation. However, it also increases risk, complexity, and attack surfaces that can be exploited by bad actors. With digital services now irrevocably tied to real world outcomes, leading organizations around the world are investing in digital trust to reduce the risk of business disruption, secure attack surfaces, increase crypto-agility, and drive digital innovation.

Sean Sweeney, CISO, Oracle

A cloud built to deliver digital trust at any scale

Oracle wasn’t first to the cloud market, but that allowed them to take a strategic, security-first approach. Learn how DigiCert is helping extend digital trust across the cloud—and the globe.


DigiCert ONE + Oracle Cloud

DigiCert® ONE, the platform for digital trust, centralizes visibility and control over a broad range of public and private trust needs, securing websites, enterprise access and communication, software, identity, content, and devices. DigiCert ONE is now available on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, designed for the modern security needs of a global, multi-cloud, connected world. With DigiCert ONE on OCI, customers pair the benefits of their digital trust investments with OCI’s high-performance and security-by-design architecture.

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Solutions that put digital trust to work

DigiCert® ONE, the platform for digital trust, provides organizations with centralized visibility and control over a broad range of public and private trust needs. Leading companies around the world choose DigiCert ONE to:

Confidently establish trust
for all users, devices,
documents, software, and

Reduce the risk of business
disruption caused by
certificate outages, audit
failures, or data breaches

Secure expanding attack
surfaces in as the world
becomes more

Drive digital innovation that
depends on identity,
tamper-resistance, and
data privacy

DigiCert ONE managers include:

CertCentral TLS

DigiCert® TLS Manager

Advanced TLS/SSL protection for website integrity and in-transit data encryption, including money transactions and personal data

Trust Lifecycle Manager

DigiCert® Trust Lifecycle Manager

Certificate lifecycle management for securing users, servers, and devices, including access and authentication needs of Identity and Access Management teams

IoT Trust Manager

DigiCert® Device Trust (IoT Trust Manager & Embedded Trust Manager)

Identity and authentication for IoT/devices, with certificate and provisioning features designed for IoT form factors and manufacturing environments, paired with secure updates and tamper-resistance for devices in the field

Software Trust Manager

DigiCert® Software Trust Manager

Threat detection, secure enterprise code signing, and Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) generation, for securing the software supply chain

Document Trust Manager

DigiCert® Document Trust Manager

Digital signatures and time-stamping that deliver document integrity and non-repudiation, supporting the compliance requirements of regions around the world

DNS Trust Manager

DigiCert® DNS Trust Manager

The highest performing authoritative DNS network in the world, delivering the availability and speed powering digital experiences

From challenges to trusted outcomes


DigiCert and Oracle Image
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Backed by Oracle's security-first infrastructure 

The industry standard for managing digital trust now on a security-first cloud built to the highest standards.

Multi-cloud architecture

Multi-cloud services and applications for flexibility and performance

Data residency and compliance

More than 40 global cloud regions support data privacy regulations for the most complex deployments

Security by design

Isolated network virtualization and tenancy, hardware-based root of trust, network segmentation

Continuous protection

Always-on encryption and monitoring of user behavior

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