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DigiCert® 5G network solution

Digital trust for 5G

Secure and authenticate your 5G backbone,
cloud infrastructure, apps and devices with
DigiCert PKI solutions.

The promise and perils of 5G

The transformation from 4G to 5G is more than just a change in bandwidth. It’s a paradigm shift, a structural metamorphosis and a worldwide engineering project all at once. While the promise of potentially unlimited speeds in a truly wireless world fires the imagination, building and running 5G presents monumental security challenges.

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5G means new devices.

The incredible bandwidth of 5G makes possible new connections to more and more devices. From remote surgical arms to smart city grids, 5G can power a connected world like we’ve never seen before. But new and more devices means more access points. More things trying to connect to the network. And more requests mean more threats coming from authentication issues.

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5G means cloud.

In the past, telcos held physical control over their backbone. But in order to achieve 5G’s higher speeds and new app integration, telcos will have to rely on the scalability and versatility of the cloud. And that means new security risks. A cloud transformation involves the need to protect networks and services that aren’t locked down on-premises or under the direct control of the telco.

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5G means scalable apps and services.

What we do with 5G over time is defined only by the limits of what we can conceive. So, for any 5G network to function, it needs to be ready to react and adapt to new devices, services and applications—both telco and third-party applications delivered via 5G. Cloud architecture makes it possible to scale and flex as all these new devices come online, requiring new apps. But unsecured apps can present just as much risk to the network and its users as an unsecured transmission, tower or smart phone.

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5G, meet PKI

See how PKI addresses
5G security challenges.


5G and DigiCert ONE:
a match made in the cloud

DigiCert ONE is a suite of modern PKI managers delivered in a powerful platform built to be deployed fast and in the configuration that meets your needs.

Public and private key infrastructure has been proven for decades to protect data in transit, authenticate devices and users, and secure the integrity of code in everything from emails and documents to applications. Now modernized inside DigiCert ONE, PKI is highly available, immensely scalable and extremely flexible—not just for the cloud, but for the demands of 5G.

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DigiCert ONE for 5G delivers integrity

Be certain your code updates and containers come from a trusted source and haven’t been altered.

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Strong authentication and encryption guards against unauthorized access to the 5G network and systems. Secure code signing and strong key protection verifies the integrity of code and containers.

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Dynamic scaling lets you build a 5G configuration that can easily spin up or down at the speeds you need. 

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Custom private CA hierarchies and centralized IoT device management simplify control over complex 5G ecosystems. 

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Containerized architecture makes it easy to build a deployment for your specific 5G needs, with options for on-premises, cloud or hybrid.

All your managers for all your needs.
All in one platform.

DigiCert ONE protects all the aspects of your 5G infrastructure without the need for separate tools or complicated and risky monitoring processes. It’s the smart, efficient way to administer modern PKI workflows.

DigiCert® Trust
Lifecycle Manager

for enterprise and in-country users and device authentication management


DigiCert® IoT
Trust Manager

for manufacturers and full lifecycle device certificate management


DigiCert® Software
Trust Manager

for simplified code, container, software and app signing management


Complete coverage at every layer

Together, the managers in DigiCert ONE provide complete protection
for every layer in your 5G cloud infrastructure.

Cloud storage

Enable security in cloud data storage and access with digital certificates. Integrate with Azure Active Directory.

Enterprise systems migrations

Deploy strong authentication factors for users and systems and enforce organizational policies via Azure Conditional Access.


Ensure the integrity of containers like Kubernetes and Dockers, communication between containers, and applications on containers in a cloud with signed updates and key protection.



Provide strong authentication, signed updates and key protection for hosts, guest operating systems and virtualized applications to ensure Cloud virtual machine configuration integrity. 



Protect the integrity of orchestration applications and software in the cloud and encrypt communication between disparate security systems.


CI/CD – DevOps

Integrate code signing into DevOps CI/CD tools to ensure software, container, system or service integrity. Enable dynamic authentication with per-session authenticator and ephemeral encrypted transport and short-term certificates.



DigiCert® IoT Trust Manager

5G-RR Networks

DigiCert PKI Solutions For 5G Networks

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DigiCert Trust Lifecycle Manager 

Learn how to improve your
security posture with digital trust

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