Security Solutions
for CI/CD

Seamlessly integrate end-to-end key and
signature management for CI/CD pipeline
encryption, authentication and identity.

Agile and secure?

In DevOps, the need for speed usually means leaving out a crucial component in the CI/CD loop—security. And it’s not only absent security that opens the pipeline to vulnerabilities, but also shortcuts like key sharing. An opening in the loop puts you at risk for interruptions and delays far beyond those caused by security measures, and it exposes your organization to financial risk and loss of trust.

Modern code signing solves without sacrifices

With code signing, your entire pipeline is protected, from planning to operation. Modern PKI solutions guard against code alteration while providing authentication and identity—at high volumes with high levels of automation. This means seamless integration and easy issuance, remediation and revocation, closing the CI/CD loop with strong encryption, authentication and identity that eliminates the need for key sharing. No more skipped steps. No more shortcuts. And all without sacrificing agility.

DigiCert® Software Trust Manager

End-to-end key signature management built for seamless DevOps security.

Control your property

Expedite the secure signing of large files without transferring the source, using hash signing. DigiCert Software Trust Manager supports Extended Validation (EV), Organization Validation (OV) and private signing, alongside all major binary types, including Microsoft Authenticode, Java, Android and Docker.

Streamline your process

With Automation and hash signing, CI/CD processes are not only secure, but fast. Flexible and highly available, DigiCert Software Trust Manager lets you sign and manage at volume, so your code is protected and delivered more quickly to customers.

Gain visibility

Know who signed the code and when. With permission-based controls, you can specify access and privileges for any individual in your organization for signing and administration. At any time, change or revoke access if a key is used improperly, or someone leaves the organization.

DigiCert® Software Trust Manager is built to deliver trust

DigiCert Software Trust Manager is part of DigiCert ONE, our fast and flexible, modern PKI solution.

DigiCert ONE allows you to deploy on-premises, in-country, cloud or hybrid to meet stringent requirements, regional compliance, custom integrations and air-gapped imperatives.

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