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DigiCert® Smart Site Seal

The smartest way to
boost trust at checkout

A site seal reimagined for modern e-commerce.
That’s digital trust for the real world.

DigiCert® Smart Site Seal

A smarter world needs a smarter symbol of digital trust

The world has changed a lot since the early days of the internet. And yet, for more than a decade, the trust seal remained static. Until now.

DigiCert Smart Site Seal

All pro. No cons.

Designed to be seen. And understood.

Simple micro-interactions engage users while making the seal harder to spoof. Users can also get a detailed view of certificate and site details with a single click.

The mark of a security-minded organization

Put digital trust and security at the center of your brand by having your verified logo displayed in the Smart Seal—a form of visual verification for your customers.

Proven to increase conversions

Instantly boost digital trust and consumer confidence at checkout by displaying a symbol users know and recognize, powered by the world’s most trusted Certificate Authority.

Seal the padlock—and the deal

Browser trust icons (e.g. the “padlock”) don’t discriminate between high- and low-level validation. That’s why more and more cybercriminals use cheap domain validation (DV) as a smokescreen for malicious websites. Displaying the seal gives your customers added assurance that your site is trustworthy.

Show off your secure site

There’s a reason we include the Smart Seal with all Secure Site and Secure Site Pro certificates. If you’ve taken the extra steps to secure and validate your site at the highest level, why not let your customers know?

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Visual cues inform snap decisions

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Report Seal misuse

What to do if you encounter an SSL Certificate issued by DigiCert that you believe is being used for malicious or harmful purposes.