Certificate Management 01-18-2014

The Benefits of Managed PKI Services for SSL Certificates

Traditional Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) has been done by tracking SSL Certificate usage on spreadsheets.

Keeping track of dozens or hundreds of certificates on your server environment can quickly before a headache for administrators in charge of enterprise security.

Retail SSL Certificates is effective for issuing individuals certificates for organizations that only need a handful of SSLs to secure their services. Enterprises typically manage systems much more complex than just a single web site.

Managed PKI from Certificate Authorities like DigiCert, offer the benefit of faster certificate issuance, automatic certificate deployment, custom certificate request approval rules, lower total cost of SSL ownership, and all of this on a publicly trusted root compatible with all major browsers and operating systems eliminating the need for self-signed certificates and "certificate not trusted" errors.

Not All Managed PKI for SSL Is the Same

Not all enterprise PKI services are the same. Most Certificate Authorities will charge thousands of dollars to use Managed PKI before you've even issued a single SSL Certificate.

Many SSL providers' managed certificate services require the purchase of credits that expire if unused, leaving administrators paying for something and getting nothing. DigiCert Enterprise PKI was designed for the smallest enterprise but with the vast array of tools, services, and value that typically is given to only the largest corporations.

Managed PKI Done Right

The data sheets from sales reps will point out the benefits, but the fine print tells a whole different story. The DigiCert Difference can't be seen by comparing sales data sheets.

Three key service benefits set the DigiCert Managed PKI features apart from similar competitor systems.

  1. Fastest Certificate Issuance

    DigiCert once won a large enterprise contract simply because of its industry leading fast SSL Certificate issuance for high assurance SSL Certificates.

    While all other SSL providers seemed equal in pricing and functionality, when DigiCert issued a fully verified Extended Validation SSL Certificate in 20 minutes, the decision to this customer was clear. Fastest really means fastest.

    With Managed PKI, approvals and issuance can be completed within a minutes, letting you use your time to manage your network, not your MPKI account.


  3. Same Day Managed PKI Account Setup

    If you can buy an SSL Certificate in a matter of minutes, why should you have to wait for days for an enterprise account?

    While other managed service providers offer account setup in 10 days, DigiCert account managers can setup your enterprise PKI account while you speak to them on the phone. Same day MPKI demos, fastest SSL issuance, and same day account setup is Managed PKI Done right.

    Great customer service isn't reserved for emergencies or special circumstances. Whether you're a Fortune 500 company or not, you'll get real customer service. Account manager are always available so you can start issuing MPKI certificates within a matter of minutes.


  5. Automatic SSL Certificate Deployment

    The minute you're in your DigiCert MPKI account, you have access to use APIs to integrate into your existing workflows and can also use the DigiCert Certificate Inspector to quickly import all of your SSL Certificate data into your Managed PKI account. There's no need to copy and paste or manually enter certificate data.

    The Certificate Inspector cloud service quickly scans your public network (internal agents also available), detects all certificates currently in use, identifies important configuration details, categorizes and organizes all of that data and presents it to you in an intuitive management dashboard.

    Inspector automatically performs critical detection for misconfigured certificates and identifies potential security vulnerabilities and assigned each certificate and server a grade along with offering remediation actions if needed.


Trusted Managed PKI Services

Getting MPKI services that are fully trusted and compatible with every major browser and platform isn't just for the largest enterprises. Managed PKI from DigiCert offers flexible account options for organizations of all sizes. Whether you're looking for unlimited certificates or want to pay as you go, account managers can evaluate your circumstances and identify the account that best fits your managed SSL needs.

Enterprises that want to unify their PKI certificate management can take advantage of DigiCert Managed PKI to consolidate the management of SSL Certificates, Extended Validation SSL, Code Signing, Document Signing, and Client Certificates all from one central location with easy to use options adding value, saving time, and money.


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