Email address transition from Symantec to DigiCert

Early in August, we provided notification regarding changing the email address domain name in the validation emails we send.  (e.g., validation@symantec.com to validation@digicert.com ). We would like to inform you that this went live on 31 August 2018.

Late last week, Symantec Corporation asked us to imminently transition the remaining email addresses we use away from @symantec.com domain. To meet this, we also had to transition our order management emails (e.g., isporders@symantec.com to isporders@digicert.com ) along with the validation email changes on 31 August 2018.

In summary, this ensures that going forward all order management and validation emails that were coming from @symantec.com email addresses will be coming from @digicert.com email addresses.


  • This change will only affect email addresses using @symantec domains. Email addresses using @geotrust, @rapidssl nor @thawte domains will be unaffected by this migration.
  • This change does not include a requirement to remove the Symantec name from URLs, storefronts or websites. We have rights to use certain Symantec trademarks and names until April 2020.
Possible Action

We don’t anticipate that you will need to make any code changes to the API or your systems as a result of this migration.  However, to effect brand continuity, here are a few actions to consider:

  1. Awareness: You might have already have informed your customers and internal teams. In case you haven’t please remind them that DigiCert has acquired the Symantec Website Security brands of digital certificates. Together forming the premier CA in the industry with best in class technology and customer support. So it is perfectly normal and valid to receive emails from @digicert.com instead of @symantec.com. You can read more here https://www.websecurity.digicert.com/
  1. We also recommend that you update any electronic content (marketing material, email, website, FAQs, knowledgebase etc.) and verbal communications such that they refer to @digicert.com instead of @symantec domain names.
  2. Systemic Dependencies: This is a good opportunity to double-check that your code base doesn’t depend on receiving/seeking emails coming from an email address containing a @symantec domain name.  Such an implementation is unlikely, but it’s a use case worth checking
Need Help?

If you have questions, please contact support or your account manager.


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