When you open a signed document, a tab will appear directly above the document. The symbol and wording will vary depending on the validity and authenticity of the document and the signer. To view more certificate information, just click on Signature Panel on the right corner of the tab.

  • If a blue ribbon symbol appears, that means the signature is sent by a trusted signer and the signature has been verified as valid.
  • If a yellow yield sign symbol appears that means you should take caution because the document was signed by a source that isn’t recognized. Another dialog could appear warning you that the signer is unknown, meaning the signature is not valid or it is a low quality, self-signed signature.
  • If a red x symbol appears, this means the document is invalid because it has been altered after being signed. In this case, be very wary of opening the document. Contact the sender and request another copy to safeguard against any malware that could be attached.