News 12-13-2023

Top EV OEMs and Automakers Using Security to Unlock Charging Interoperability in Latest Tests


Ford and EVgo among the first to test new DigiCert root of trust for ISO 15118-2 certificates to ensure trusted connections between global automakers and Plug & Charge infrastructure in the U.S.

Cleveland, Ohio, Nov. 29, 2023DigiCert recently established the EV charging industry’s first unaffiliated root of trust, allowing EV automakers and OEMs to issue, test and deploy ISO 15118-2 compliant certificates. The Plug & Charge certificates are the first of their kind to be available for live testing by the entire EV ecosystem of auto manufacturers, the various EV charging platforms, energy companies and EV charging hardware. Ford, EVgo and others are the first to conduct live tests this week at the 2023 CharIN Testival North America.

“Security is the key to unlocking more than just interoperability demands, but also the collective potential of the entire EV market. At Ford, we’re taking a security-first approach to ensure that our customers can always trust their Plug & Charge experiences,” said Jim Farley, Ford CEO and President of the Ford Model division.

"With well over a decade of experience in public fast charging, EVgo is a leader in technology and innovation that delivers a seamless charging experience for all EV drivers," said Ivo Steklac, CTO of EVgo. "Implementing open standards like ISO 15118-2 through collaborations with digital security leaders like DigiCert and implementation experts at Eonti will enable automated, secure charging that gives EV drivers the freedom to charge across networks with confidence."

"The integrity of the EV charging network is paramount,” said DigiCert CEO Amit Sinha. “Seamless charging also means there aren’t any security gaps for customer or OEM data to be compromised. DigiCert® ONE provides the trusted certificates and full lifecycle management for testing today that will accelerate deployment, adoption and interoperability for the emerging EV ecosystem."

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