Digital Trust 10-19-2022

Solving digital trust for the real world

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Dr. Amit Sinha

Today, we are excited to introduce Dr. Amit Sinha as our new CEO. Amit brings a strong background scaling category-defining companies to drive real change within cybersecurity, most recently as president and board member at Zscaler.

Digital trust has never been more important than it is today. Ever-expanding connectivity and digital transformation are introducing new possibilities to improve living, address economic growth and build a better future. At the same time, this is expanding attack vectors, and companies need digital trust to ensure confidence that their digital footprint is secure. DigiCert is investing heavily to solve the challenges of digital trust for our customers.

Amit’s leadership will ensure the right focus and strategy to help DigiCert define digital trust for the real world. Amit championed a culture of innovation and growth at Zscaler, where the company pioneered workstreams in the cloud. During his 12-year tenure, Zscaler grew from a startup to a NASDAQ-100 company and established itself as a leader in enterprise security. Amit now brings this experience and skillset to help DigiCert accelerate our vision forward.

Digital trust for the real world

DigiCert customers are the leading companies in the world, building interoperability into the smart home, enhancing global shipping and tracking, building life-saving connected devices for healthcare, charging our electric vehicle future and exploring space. These mission-critical initiatives require the best approach to digital trust to maintain confidence in connected systems and keep services up and running. DigiCert’s focus on digital trust addresses the foundational pillars of authentication, encryption and integrity.

DigiCert’s approach to digital trust is built upon four building blocks:

Digital trust that solves customer challenges

Public key infrastructure (PKI) with digital certificates provides an essential way for companies to address digital trust. The rapid move toward connectivity and digital transformation is sharply increasing the volume of certificates to manage. Managing digital trust is not easy and, when done improperly, can expose businesses to a lot of risk. A recent survey conducted by DigiCert revealed that two-thirds of organizations have experienced outages caused by certificates expiring unexpectedly. One in four experienced up to six outages within a six-month period. These outages cost money and reputation.

That’s not all. Nearly half of those surveyed regularly encounter certificates not within the purview of the IT security team. Nearly 2 in 5 organizations have three or more departments managing certificates. DigiCert ONE® and its Managers unify trust management for the entire certificate landscape, featuring full reporting capabilities, discovery and automation, and more.

DigiCert ONE: unified trust management for multiple use cases

Agility is critical for companies looking to establish trust within their network, and verifying the identity of the certificate holder is a must. With our acquisition of DNS Made Easy, DigiCert is aligning services to enable the company and its reseller partners to offer a seamless approach to certificate lifecycle management that includes more efficient domain control validation and simplified DNS configuration.

Security is a treadmill business. If you are not moving forward, you fall off. Quantum computing is advancing and one day soon will threaten today’s encryption algorithms. DigiCert is working with government bodies and leading technology partners to stay ahead of the post-quantum cryptography curve. This will ensure crypto-agility and the ability for companies to quickly discover and update any trusted assets ahead of these threats.

Poor authentication of devices and users is another common attack vector for enterprises. The rapid growth in connected devices and remote workers expand the security perimeter and bring into play the need for a zero-trust approach. Digital trust is essential for enforcing a zero-trust policy. Every device, every user, every connection point needs strong authentication. DigiCert provides unified trust management solutions to make sure no trusted endpoint is forgotten or neglected.

At the device level, not only does each device need a digital certificate for authentication and identity verification, it also requires operational and data integrity. Code signing certificates provide this by enabling the device to securely boot, only allowing code that is signed to run on the device and facilitating secure over the air updates. DigiCert for Connected Devices and our recent acquisition of Mocana extends trust into the device ecosystem and provides end-to-end device lifecycle security prior to manufacturing, during production and with devices in the field.

Software supply chains also require extended trust. As SolarWinds and Kaseya attacks demonstrate, one software flaw, even if from a third-party provided as a default service, can break the chain and wreak havoc. From the White House to Brussels and governments worldwide, the call for a software bill of materials (BOM) is loud and clear. DigiCert is addressing this with our Software Trust Manager, which integrates code signing workflows into the development process with secure key management, cloud-based signing, software integrity checks and full reporting.

Digital business is enhancing the need for secure electronic signing, including processes that scale and respond to government regulation. The DigiCert Document Trust Manager enables signing workflows with immutable identity to meet regulatory requirements organization-wide.

A unified approach to digital trust

With unified trust management available through our DigiCert ONE platform, DigiCert is continually innovating to address certificate lifecycle management and a host of solutions to help our customers succeed. We have the bandwidth, the vision and the institutional backing to continue building this platform. Organizations require deep integrations, automation, strong customer support around the world, reliability and uptime. At DigiCert, we understand this and are only beginning to unveil our vision for helping our customers and partners be champions of digital trust. We look forward to our bright, joint future, with Amit at the helm leading the charge.

Get the IDC whitepaper Digital Trust: The Foundation for Digital Freedom | DigiCert to read more about digital trust—what it is, how it works, and why it must be a strategic initiative for any organization, including yours.