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Malware Scanning Service for DigiCert® Secure Site Pro

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Real-time assurance that nothing malicious is hiding
on your site. That’s digital trust for the real world.
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Prevent a malicious cyberattack before it ruins your business

Both consumers and businesses are at risk of malware attacks, but businesses are at a greater risk. The top threats in 2020 included Trojans, Adware and HackTool detections. Cybercriminals today are working harder to exploit vulnerable systems and their goals range from gathering intel, upgrading existing malware systems and using network-wide ransomware infections.

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Malware could lead to exposed customer data, spyware and leaked passwords

Instead of wondering if your website is vulnerable to malware, know for sure. Get peace of mind and prevent any unwanted security breaches with our malware and blocklist scanning tool. Check your public domains with over 70 antivirus and URL/blocklisting services.

Scan any time to know you’re secure

Our easy malware scanning/blocklist checking feature in CertCentral includes on-demand scans with notifications if your domain has been blocklisted or infected. Simply follow the steps below to get started.

  • Log into your CertCentral account
  • Click on Certificates > Select the Secure Site certificate > Click on the Order #
  • Click on the link "Check domain in VirusTotal” under Certificate details to start the scan
  • Scan whenever you need to, as many times as you would like
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Get results quickly via CertCentral

We analyze your domains and provide aggregate data from more than 70 third-party antivirus scanners, website scanners and domain blocklisting services providing objective feedback from around the web to ensure your digital trust remains intact. See your score in the top-left corner which indicates he number of security vendors that have flagged your site as malicious —a score of 0 is good— and view the list of scans completed under the “Detection” tab.

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DigiCert Secure Site Pro TLS certificates for all-in-one website protection

DigiCert Secure Site Pro TLS certificates come with more than just encryption and identity protection. They include all the features to help you ensure your website and servers aren’t vulnerable to malware, outside attacks or fraud. Upgrade your certificate to DigiCert Secure Site Pro and get malware scanning and blocklist checking, in addition to:

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