Partner Blog 08-08-2018

Integrations and Improvements Continue

Tobias Zatti

Sometimes, we’re quiet when we’re busy. But it’s time to break our silence and let you know what we’ve been working on.

DCV scoping issue fixed

Call us thorough – please. It was a really complex process to find the 31 separate use cases for this issue, but we’ve now fixed every way that this issue manifested. We’ll roll out the change on 8 August, at the end-of-day (Pacific Time).

With that out of the way, you’ll notice a common thread in rest of our work covered below: migrations to newer, better systems.

Validation email domain change

Have you noticed that we’re DigiCert now? We have, too. But we’ve also noticed that we’re still sending validation-related email communications from email addresses. On 9 August, we will switch over to sending them from email addresses. Get ready! (Don’t fret, nostalgia fans: we’re not switching all of our other email communications to you over to yet. We’ll migrate those probably towards the end of the year).

Phone numbers changing, too

This isn’t really a product change, but we wanted you to know anyway: We’ll be upgrading to a new telephony system in October. As part of this migration, some phone numbers will need to change. Look for future updates from us regarding which numbers will change when.

Encryption Everywhere pilot platform EOL

We’ve scheduled the end-of-life (EOL) of Encryption Everywhere’s pilot platform for 26 October. There are two main reasons we’ll do this. First, it issued fully-compliant, valid certificates, but issued from a private hierarchy, which made testing the automated installation flows more difficult. In addition to that, the certificates come free of charge anyway, so there’s no benefit in creating an account on a separate platform. However, if you would still like to have testing account, simply create a separate production account.

Second, we’ll eventually move Encryption Everywhere onto our CertCentral platform, which can offer all the functionality of the current platform but can scale to additional functionality such as reporting. We’re confident you’ll love it – and we’ll keep you updated as we move towards that.

New Code Signing PKI hierarchy

As part of the integration of former Website Security infrastructure, and to modernize and streamline our code signing certificate offerings, we will be updating our code signing PKI hierarchy later this year. We intend to issue all new code signing certificates from DigiCert’s hierarchy by 31 October 2018.

Although these changes apply to new certificates for all code signing products, there is no impact to existing code signing certificates or the validity of signed files, whether timestamped or otherwise. Existing code signing certificates are valid until their expiration dates. Files already signed are still viewed as secure and verified.

Certain additional changes will result for specific use cases, platforms and brands. If these may affect the products you currently offer, we’ve provided details in an email notification we sent to you in the past few days.

New partner console and API coming your way!

I’ve saved the best for last: we're moving steadily towards launching a totally new account/certificate management portal and API, based on our CertCentral platform. We’ll make it available in an open beta test, targeted to begin in October, but it’ll feature full production capabilities (yes, you’ll be able to use it to handle real orders). We’ll then move towards official general availability, offering a migration tool to help partners who don’t join the open beta. If you just can’t wait for the open beta, contact your account manager for a demo of the new API.


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