Tim McAllister

Senior Director - Digital Trust Specialists

Tim McAllister, a seasoned professional with over 24 years of experience in senior management roles, currently serves as the Senior Director of Digital Trust at DigiCert, Inc., a leading provider of scalable identity and encryption solutions for the web and connected systems and devices.

His expertise spans product marketing and management, as well as business development. Recognized as an industry and standards technical strategist, he specializes in digital trust for connected devices, spanning medical, industrial, energy, electric vehicles and other critical infrastructure and enterprise systems. His work is pivotal in addressing the vulnerabilities of connected and IoT devices in healthcare, energy and smart building settings, with a focus on securing the future of electric vehicle charging technology.

In addition to his role at DigiCert, McAllister is an active participant in the cybersecurity community. He frequently shares insights and updates in LinkedIn and social media, where he engages in discussions on a range of topics including digital trust, PKI, cybersecurity, IoT, IIoT/OT, healthcare and EV charging.

McAllister's professional journey includes significant roles at various tech companies, including Mocana.

Based in the United States, his dedication to digital trust and cybersecurity has established him as a key figure in the ongoing efforts to secure the digital landscape. His contributions to the field are a testament to his commitment to enhancing digital trust and security.