Product 04-27-2014

SSL Certificates Trusted by Every Major Browser

Flavio Martins

When you purchase an SSL Certificate, the last thing you want is your users getting the dreaded "not trusted" error.

It's critical that when you select an SSL provider, that you go with a high assurance Certificate Authority that is trusted by every possible browser your users may be using. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology on your site, users know they can trust that their information will remain secure.

If your SSL certificate comes from a low-assurance providers, your users may experience the SSL Certificate not trusted error. While you may access you site just fine, your users may be seeing, “This site’s security certificate is not trusted!”

DigiCert SSL Certificates are trusted by every major browser and operating system so that you can rest assured that your users will see https:// and the secure lock when they get to your site.

Why SSL Browser Compatibility is Important

DigiCert only issues High Assurance SSL Certificates, meaning that we don't skimp out on your level of trust. You wouldn't want to turn away 1% of your business, so 99% compatibility is not enough for us.

We strive for 100% trusted certificates and emphasize compatibility with every browser your users may choose. This exceeds the typical level of trust from other certificate authorities.

DigiCert Trusted by All Major Browser

Users accessing sites with DigiCert certificates, can do so from any number of browsers from a variety of platforms:

  • AOL 5+
  • Aviator
  • Boxee
  • Camino 1.0+
  • Chrome
  • Firefox 1.0+
  • Grandstream
  • Internet Explorer 5+
  • Konqueror 2.2.1+
  • Maxthon
  • Mozilla 7.0+
  • Netscape 4.5+
  • Opera 5+
  • Safari
  • Sony Playstation
  • Nintendo Wii

DigiCert Trusted by All Major Mobile Browser

With the increase of mobile usage and with more and more users taking advantage of smartphone, tablets, and other mobile devices, DigiCert has also made it a top priority to ensure compatibility with every major mobile device.

This means that users accessing sites using DigiCert certificates, can make a secured, trusted connection from any mobile device platform, such as:

  • ACCESS NetFront
  • Amazon Silk
  • Android Browser
  • Atomic
  • Chrome
  • Dolphin HD
  • Fennec Alpha
  • Firefox Mobile
  • Internet Explorer (All Windows Devices)
  • Kindle
  • Opera Mini
  • Opera Mobile
  • Openwave
  • RIM BlackBerry
  • Safari (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch)
  • SkyFire
  • Sony PlayStation Portable
  • WebOS
  • xScope

SSL Certificate Customer Experience

It's not enough to just install a certificate, every user accessing your site should experience a secured connection. That's why we focus on ensuring that you get an SSL Certificate trusted by all browsers with 100% compatibility and ubiquity with all platforms and devices.

As new updates are released, we continue to stay on top of security requirements so that DigiCert certificates will always remain trusted.

There's more to SSL browser compatibility, than just installing a certificate. Running a safe and secured web site is key to doing business online. That's why you can always trust that your SSL Certificate will work when and how you need it.


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