Digital Identification for Signing Code for Windows Programs

Microsoft Authenticode Code Signing Certificates

Microsoft Authenticode is designed to help give users an assurance as to who actually created the code that they are running, especially for code that is downloaded or run on the internet, and to verify that the code has not been altered or tampered with after being issued. For example, a program that has been digitally signed, maliciously tampered with and then redistributed online will present users with a warning before being run.

Code signing relies on tested and proven technology based upon Public Key Cryptography and digital certificates, and DigiCert's trusted identity assurance validation procedures.

With DigiCert's easy to use tools to get your certificate created and installed, and Microsoft's many easy to use code signing utilities, getting started signing your code couldn't be easier.

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DigiCert Code Signing

With a strong background in authentication and identity assurance, DigiCert has the experience and the tools that you need to be confident in your code signing certificate purchase decision. The purchase process is simple and flexible, letting you get your certificate in the way that is easiest for you (you can let us do the work of setting up your certificate for you, or do it yourself).

Our customer support staff is knowledgeable and experienced and available twenty four hours a day to help you with any questions you might have or problems you might run into.

Signing Code In Microsoft Applications

The actual process to signing your code is simple and straightforward, once you've gotten your Microsoft code signing certificate properly configured:

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