Needed Solutions for Device Identification

In the Internet of things, role of identity management is expanding. It is no longer just about identifying people and managing their access to different types of data (i.e., sensitive data, non-sensitive data, device data, etc.). In the IoT world, identity management must be able to identify devices, sensors, monitors, and manage their access to sensitive and non-sensitive data.

As a leading provider of digital certificates and security solutions, DigiCert delivers the solution needed for device identity management.

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Identity of Things (IDoT)

The growing world of Internet of Thing has impacted how Identity and Access Management (IAM) need to work. In the Identity of Things (IDoT), IAM must be able to manage human-to-device, device-to-device, and/or device-to-service/system.

IoT implementation strategies must include a method for managing device identity and be able to do some of the following:

  • Establish a naming system for IoT devices.
  • Determine an identity lifecycle for IoT devices, making sure it can be modified to meet the projected lifetime of these devices.
  • Create a well-defined process for registering the IoT devices; the type of data that the device will be transmitting and receiving should shape the registration process.
  • Define security safeguards for data streams from IoT devices.
  • Outline well-defined authentication and authorization process for admin local access to connected devices.
  • Create safeguards for protecting different types of data, making sure to create privacy safeguards for personally-identifiable information (PII).
  • Define and document who can access the different types of data (e.g., local admins, outside companies).
  • Establish guidelines for authenticating and authorizing occasionally connected IoT devices.
  • Determine procedures for access control to IoT devices and system based on the company's policies.

DigiCert and our partners work had to deliver the solutions needed for device identity management.

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