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DigiCert at HIMSS

March 11-14 | Orlando, FL

Securing devices, software, identities, networks
and servers across the healthcare sector.

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Find us at booth #1636 in the Cybersecurity Command Center, or schedule a meeting to learn how DigiCert is enabling healthcare organizations around the globe to secure their connected devices, prevent software supply chain attacks, and improve overall security posture to mitigate breaches and deliver better outcomes.

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Mike Nelson

GVP, Digital Trust

Tom Klein

Sr. Director
Digital Trust & IoT


DigiCert trust solutions secure and authenticate the world’s leading organizations.

of Fortune 500 Healthcare Companies

Event Schedule

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CyberSecurity Pre-Conference Forum Charting the Course: Cybersecurity Now and Beyond

As digital connections expand and cyber threats become more sophisticated, organizations face new vulnerabilities and must reevaluate their cybersecurity approaches. This discussion centers around the latest in medical device security and incident preparedness, exploring how AI and Quantum technologies impact cybersecurity. Attendees will gain solid strategies to hone their cybersecurity and receive practical guidance to adapt to digital changes, address current challenges, and prepare for future threats.

Mon, March 11
9:15-10:00 AM
Speaker: Mike Nelson

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Navigating FDA Cybersecurity Regulations in Medical Devices: Insights and Actionable Steps

Navigating FDA Cybersecurity Regulations in Medical Devices: Insights and Actionable StepsThe FDA’s newest authority to regulate cybersecurity for medical devices emphasizes device identity, software/code integrity, rock solid authentication practices, and safe encryption of transmitted patient data from medical devices. DigiCert’s Global VP of Digital Trust shares how PKI acts as connective tissue between compliance and security so Medical Device Manufacturers can meet regulations—and keep their products on the market. He will also highlight the importance of crypto-agility to adapt and defend against the evolving cybersecurity threats, including quantum computing. This presentation will include real-world examples of best practices adopted by leading medical device manufacturers to consistently implement and manage compliant security practices like PKI across global organizations.

Tue, March 12
3:15-3:35 PM
Cybersecurity Command Center (Theater A)
Speaker: Mike Nelson

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The Roadmap to Seamless PQC Migration in Healthcare—Top Challenges, Strategies, and Next Steps

As the quantum computing era edges closer, so does the reality that it will fundamentally transform the foundation of cryptography. Cryptography is everywhere in healthcare and plays a pervasive role in safeguarding sensitive healthcare data, devices, and critical systems. The migration to post-quantum cryptography (PQC) is no longer a futuristic concept, but a necessity today.This session is designed to provide security leaders in healthcare with the knowledge and strategies needed to lead their organizations through the quantum transition, ensuring sustained security in the face of quantum computing advancements.

Wed, March 13
3:15-3:35 PM
Cybersecurity Command Center (Theater B)


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