Deepika Chauhan

Executive VP of Emerging Markets | DigiCert

Deepika Chauhan leads IoT, PKI, and Strategy at DigiCert. She is responsible for providing security solutions for the Internet of Things market while leveraging PKI technology. She is also responsible for driving the overall Strategy for DigiCert.

Deepika has a wealth of experience in product development, business strategy, marketing, sales, and organizational transformation. Prior to DigiCert, Deepika led Strategy and Business Operations for the Website Security Business Unit at Symantec. Before Symantec, she was at McKinsey & Company in Silicon Valley, working with a number of different area tech companies on some of their most strategic initiatives. Prior to McKinsey, she led product development as part of the mobile browser team at Nokia for several years.

Deepika grew up in Delhi, India, where she obtained a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Instrumentation and Controls Engineering from University of Delhi prior to moving to the United States. Once here, she completed her Masters in Computer Engineering at the University of Cincinnati. After a few years of experience in various tech firms (EMC and Nokia), she proceeded to get her MBA from Dartmouth.

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