DigiCert® Document Trust Manager

Transform your electronic document signing workflow by leveraging trusted signatures and remote identity authentication (RIV). Sign Adobe PDF, Microsoft Office documents, OpenOffice documents, and other popular document formats. Secure digital documents using two-factor authentication.

Document Trust Manager delivers document signing management for every workflow. By aligning with the most stringent compliance, regulatory, and industry standards, DigiCert offers advanced security, integrity, and authentication for individual, mass, and EU-qualified document signing. Our solution also offers auditability and tim-stamping for verification of legal validity. Sign for individual use cases (eSignature), bulk use cases (eSeal), equip documents with non-repudiation protection, and attach Long Term Validation for documents.

With DigiCert Document Trust Manager, you can meet all levels of assurance, including support for AATL and EUTL for Qualified and Advanced+ trust levels. Document Trust Manager also meets the requirements for Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), industry regulations like HIPAA and FERPA, and regional regulations like GDPR. Digital document signing offers high assurance for true peace of mind. It’s safer and more unique than a pen-on-paper signature.

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