Digital Trust for IoT Connected Devices Hero Image
DigiCert + Mocana

Digital Trust for
Connected Devices

Embed trust, automate management and
centralize control of every connected device.


Achieve comprehensive device operations security for devices in the field.

TrustEdge: Securing Connected Device Operations

Immutable device identity for faster enrollment and organization-wide monitoring

Unalterable identifiers within every device accelerate onboarding and provide end-to-end visibility at any scale.

TrustEdge: Securing IoT Connected Devices

Plug-and-play security embedded in every device

Extend digital trust into your device infrastructure, with security applications that harden and protect devices in the field.

Monitor and Shield IoT Connected Devices - Digital Trust with DigiCert

Built-in access controls

Create an embedded security perimeter with rules-based network access controls on the device level.

Multi Factor Verification during the Boot Sequence - Checkmark

Secure boot

Add an essential layer of protection against unauthorized access or device tampering by enabling multi-factor verification during the boot sequence. If the machine detects a problem, it won’t start.

Mutual Authentication between IOT connected devices - Machine to Machine Encryption

Mutual authentication and encrypted communication

Encrypt machine-to-machine communication to prevent tampering or interception, and automatically enable mutual authentication between connected devices.

Brownfield and greenfield interoperability

Complete interoperability extends an unbroken core of trust across both new “greenfield” devices and legacy “brownfield” technology. That makes it simple to add new functionality and flexibility without sacrificing operational continuity of business-critical legacy infrastructure or engaging in time-intensive, ad hoc engineering.


TrustCenter: Securing Connected Device Updates

Automated IoT Connected Device Updates- Wheels icon

Automated enrollment

Onboard new technology and deploy new services without lag time or disruption of day-to-day operations.

Remote, one-touch provisioning of IOT connected devices across your entire IoT environment from a central location

Remote, one-touch provisioning

Rapidly provision connected devices across your entire IoT environment from a central location to prevent lapses or outages and ensure continuous and cohesive security across every form factor.

Centralized control - Manage & update network access across IoT connected devices

Centralized control of network access rules and policies

Manage and update network access rules and policies across your connected devices with a single, centralized point of control.

Tamper-resistant, in-the-field updates

Automatically and universally distribute cryptographically signed over-the-air (OTA), air-gapped, or over-the-web (OTW) updates to connected devices in the wild.

More comprehensive monitoring

Instantly know who and what are connected to your network, reduce the time required for compliance audits, and identify and react to threats more quickly.

Smarter risk analysis and mitigation

Rapidly identify, analyze and mitigate risks with a central event viewer that gives a full timeline for every change on every connected device.

Full lifecycle management of keys and certificates

Take the manual tedium out of tracking, deploying, revoking and renewing certificates and prevent lapses and human error with automated key and certificate lifecycle management.

Pre-built connections to third-party services

Easily integrate and manage third-party services from a single pane:


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