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2024 State of Digital Trust Report

A growing divide separates leaders with a firm grasp on digital trust from those at the bottom of the pool. But our survey revealed that leaders in the middle third likely have a false sense of security—and that may be the most dangerous position of all.

Complacency: The most alarming threat

Since DigiCert conducted its first State of Digital Trust survey in 2022, more senior decision-makers have gained a clear understanding of digital trust—the foundation for securing the connected world.

With an increasing number of networks to manage, increasing trust-based demands from customers, and remote work’s sustained grip on the business world, it’s no surprise that more leaders are taking digital trust seriously.

But “more leaders” doesn’t equal “enough leaders.”

This year’s survey revealed that two-thirds of decision-makers know their organizations are at risk. And even more alarmingly, the middle third thinks they’re far more protected than they are.

Where does your organization stand?

Read the full report to learn:

  • How quickly most organizations can respond to outages
  • How prepared organizations are for quantum computing
  • How well enterprises are managing device identities
  • How many organizations have experienced data breaches
  • How often malware and expired code signing certificates caused the software to fail
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