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DigiCert Customer Testimonials

When you buy from DigiCert you not only get a great value—you get phenomenal customer service. That's what we like to call “the DigiCert difference.” The quotes below are from emails with unsolicited praise from our customers who have appreciated the DigiCert difference.

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I just have to say how impressed I am with your company. I've had multiple SSL certificates over the years with several different companies. Since finding Digicert I feel I have found a business partner for life. Your customer service towers over the competition and is a shining example of how a business should treat its customers.

Brian Greenberg

True Blue Life Insurance

I just ordered an EV Code Signing Certificate and an EV SSL both of which are working just great. You guys are really awesome to work with. It’s really great to call and get a real live knowledgeable human on the phone. That is so rare these days. I just had to call my local cable company to restore service and had to endure phone tree hell. The contrast in service level could not be more distinct.

I would like to take a moment to thank you for your continued support and amazing staff. I have used DigiCert now for the last 3+ years, I have not had any problems and when I have done online chats with sales/support it has been amazing. Today I chatted with Kenyon and the support that he provided was above and beyond what I’ve gotten with other companies. I will continue to refer others to DigiCert as I know I have 10+ companies I’ve gotten to switch to you. Keep up the good work and service and you’ll have my business for a LONG time.

We recently placed an order for a UCC SSL and the whole experience was great, particularly that of your support staff member Chris. He made it all very easy and provided top notch support. I would highly recommend DigiCert and Chris!

Cadell Falconer

eCommerce Websites

I normally don’t write reviews of this nature, however I would like to mention that I have used DigiCert for many years in various organizations and to this day they continue to exceed my expectations in both service and support! I have used other companies in the past and the standard wait time was 24 to 72 hours. Most times with DigiCert I can’t keep up they are so efficient. I’ve made it a point to have all my ducks in a row BEFORE I request certificates etc. as normally they will be waiting on you. The follow up and communications are second to none, quick, easy and efficient.

After having struggled with one of your competitors all weekend to get an SSL Certificate renewed for one of my costumer's web mail and calling their support for 1 hour Monday morning with no answer, I finally canceled my order with them. I then created the SSL Certificate at DigiCert and 10 minutes later the SSL Certificate was installed on their Exchange Server and everything is up and running again. Thank you so much for your easy and fast services. I will be using your services for all my clients in the future.

Ulrik Raft Hansen


Dealing with DigiCert is like a breath of fresh air vs. our current SSL cert provider. Recommended.

I applaud you for your attention to customer service. It really separates companies from their competitors. It really separates companies from their competitors.

DigiCert, you rock! Toll free, English-speaking support, helpful follow-up emails, simple processes. My new source for all my SSL needs.

Jorin Slaybaugh


Of all the tech companies I have dealt with, DigiCert has been the most pleasant experience. If you need certs they are the way to go!

It seems like it's not often that I receive such excellent service that it makes me glad to be doing business with a particular company, and when it does happen I like to take the time to pass on a ‘Thank You’ for providing that service. We were concerned about purchasing a couple of SSL Certificates for a particular application that's proven to be a bit finicky, and after experiences with other vendors were working under the assumption that if something went wrong, the money spent for the certificate was wasted since we'd have to purchase another one. It was indeed a pleasure to learn that you provide better service than that, and do so at a lesser cost. You make it easy to choose your products because you make them easy to work with, and give some comfort in the event something requires a server rebuild or a name change, etc. In addition, the representative I worked with (Jamie) was polite, professional, communicated well, and above all—very knowledgeable about the products, features and options. That was such a breath of fresh air after having many previous experiences with reps who were obviously working from scripts and had minimal knowledge, that I wanted to commend you for investing in good people like Jamie. It makes me very glad that I chose to do business with DigiCert, and I'm happy to purchase and recommend your products.

Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with our choice on moving to DigiCert from our previous provider. Your management tools are vastly superior and I really like the wildcard certs! Keep up the great work!

I just wanted to let you know that we at WorkLife Systems think that your level of support and customer service is simply outstanding. When we had a server problem and needed a certificate reissue in the middle of the night a few months ago, you could not have been more helpful; when we renewed our certificate today (on a Saturday) the process was painless, and completed, start to finish, in about an hour. I go out of my way to recommend you to everyone.

Daryl Banttari


It is such a pleasure to encounter an organization which takes such trouble to make dealing with them so easy and trouble free. Thanks for the excellent customer-focused service.

Ian Stanley, ICT Infrastructure Engineer


In a world where quality customer service can be very hard to find, DigiCert has stood very tall above the many other companies I've worked with. Your customer and technical support staffs have been consistently tremendous and I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for all the assistance I've received. Over time, I've probably spoken to six different members of the DigiCert team, and each one of them has been extremely courteous, knowledgeable, and willing to go the extra mile to explain something to me or to help me work through issues I'm having. I've also been extremely pleased with the Unified Communications Certificate that I purchased from DigiCert. It's saved me a lot of money and has worked flawlessly.

Wow! I must say you guys are really amazing. I have never seen the level of support you have shown me today. I truly appreciate all of your time and effort to get this working for us—not to mention all under an hour's time. We were using another provider, and we were having some serious support issues. After reading some online reviews, I decided to give you guys a shot—boy am I glad I made the move.

Leon Lantsman


I wanted to thank you for your teams' diligence, professionalism, and thoroughness with each SSL Certificate we purchase. We were made aware by your team that our SSL Certificates were vulnerable due to the Debian OpenSSL problem, and required replacing. Your team followed up with us with diligence; as such, they were extremely instrumental in getting our certificates re-issued. Case in point; we also had a SSL Certificate with a competitor of yours, in which case, they did not follow up or help us in re-issuing the SSL Certificate. In fact, quite the opposite. They terminated the certificate. This caused downtime for all of our clients’ sites, as Firefox would not load the secure pages. We called late last night, and your team came to the rescue! The new certificate was created and up and running within 30 minutes. Your service is top notch, and I am confident in recommending it to all of our clients. Thanks again for your excellent service, attention to detail, and unparalleled support.

Louis Camassa, Web Projects Manager


Thanks for your superb service. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to my colleagues for first class service and extremely good response times. Something that particularly impressed me was that an UK customer didn't have to wait for the US to get up in the morning to get support. It's often quite frustrating waiting five hours to get a response from US support. This morning our certificate expired (I was on holiday when your reminder emails arrived), and I had a new cert installed in less than an hour! It's a continued pleasure working with you.

Julian Simpson, Network Engineer


I am a new customer to DigiCert—previously I have used both VeriSign and Thawte. I like the pricing model, but I LOVE the customer service! I was setting up a new, rather finicky, access appliance and I accidentally caused it to lose its pass phrase. I was able to get through to tech support with no hold time and to my delight, I was able to request a reissue of the certificate quickly and easily.

Jim Struve, CTO


You guys would have to be one of the easiest online companies to deal with I have ever come across. Your levels of support are second to none. Great work, keep it up!

Wayne Laughton, IT Manager


Thank you for continued support that exceeds any other support that we have ever experienced. We send an email to ask a question and you guys CALL US! Doesn't happen anywhere else.

Philip Scott


I ordered my certificate in the middle of the night and got it in less than half an hour. And with your documentation section, it took a couple of minutes to install. Sincerely, I can't see how you could provide a better service than that!

Jean-Michel Dault